What type of membership’s do you offer?

You can select from a 12 month membership or a month to month membership, its completely upto you based on the flexibility you want- click the JOIN NOW button to choose your preferred membership option.

How do I join?

Right here on our website takes a few minutes with 5 simple steps – simply click the join now tab above and select the type of membership you would like and away you go!

My gym hasn’t opened yet, why do I have to Pay before it opens?

Our special pre-opening offers have limited availability, so by paying now you secure yourself membership at the special rate. This covers your joining fee and your first month’s membership. You pay nothing more until one month after the gym opens. After the initial payment you will then make no further payment until one month after the gym opens.

Are the fitness classes included in the monthly membership?

Yes we have a great selection of fitness classes both in the evening’s and during the day that are free with membership!

When does the first payment come out of my account?

2 weeks from the day you join.

Will my membership go up?

If you signed up on a promotional offer such as a £9.99 membership your price will increase to the regular price after 12 months.

Will I need to pay the joining fee again if I rejoin?

No its a one time fee – simple come in the club and we will reactivate your membership.

What age can you join from?

16 yrs minimum.

Do I need an induction?

We recommend that you do have one to get the best experience however you don’t have to have one!

Can I pay cash?

If you select our annual option you can pay a one off payment and receive additional savings.   We only accept payment by direct debit which is one of the big reasons why we can keep our prices so low!

Is the website secure?

Yes, the signup section of the website is secure, and any details entered will be encrypted before being sent to the server. We assure you that your personal and banking details will be kept private.