As part of your low cost gym membership you get access to lots of FREE group fitness classes, the perfect way to stay motivated to get in great shape!  Here are some of the classes available at 1 Gym Hull and Bridlington.

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PUMP –The best weights class that builds strength, tones your body and burns fat every time!

SPINNING, or studio cycling, is an excellent workout to strengthen your heart and tone your legs.

COMBAT – A challenging blend of martial arts and stamina, unleashing the inner power you never knew you had.

YOGA –   Yoga leaves you feeling long, strong, calm and well balanced.

DANCE JAM – An easily accessible aerobics based dance class with a fun and inspiring soundtrack – great for general fitness and weight loss!

BALLET FIT – No tutu required! come and enjoy this light-hearted ballet based fitness class with your friends and drop the pounds with a smile on your face and spring in your step.

MASTERS FIT CAMP – A boot camp tailored towards those who no longer need to prove themselves. This is a great way to keep fit, toned and trim whilst not being overly intense and accessible to higher age ranges.

ZUMBA –   Zumba is a dance fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — and resistance training.

BOXING FITNESS –  Consists of Boxing punches combined with circuit style exercises a great way to burn calories, de-stress and get fit!

KETTLEBELLS – Kettlebells challenge all your major muscle groups, you will strengthen, sculp and tone your whole body!

LEGS BUMS TUMS – Focuses on targeting the troublesome areas of your body, the backs of the legs, bum and stomach, great for re-shaping your lower body

CAGE FIT-  Mixed martial arts inspired fitness workout without the bruises will push you to your limits!

CIRCUITS – Circuits are a fun way to get the heart pumping performing own body weight and resistance exercises using weights, great for all round physical fitness

BOOTCAMP – High intensity circuit style training targeting fat loss and muscle building

SCULPT – An exercise programme that focuses on overall conditioning of the body, the class will include exercises for strength and flexibility and use both strength-training equipment and floor exercises

INTENSITY – You’ve heard of Insanity well we have our own version INTENSITY, you’ll feel the burn alright!

KICK – The best form of defence is attack and thats will this class will do to your Fat! Burn up to 800 calories an hour with this heart pumping martial arts inspired fitness workout!

HIIT – High intensity interval training. Burn more fat, improve endurance and build strength!

FIT FEVER – Work out to 80’s music with a fusion of LBT and Aerobics.


Launching Soon GRIT SERIES

CROSSFIRE Crossfit style workout that will build your strength and conditioning

All our fitness classes are taken by the areas best Instructors in our aerobics studio hull.